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Worldwide coverage We’re proud to be helping customers throughout the world; United Kingdom United States of America Australia New Zealand France Germany Ireland Canada Hong Kong Helping you to a healthier and happy life Check My Body Health was born from a passion to help people understand their health. Thousands of people are suffering with a range of different symptoms that may be misinterpreted for years. Over time they may slowly give way to a host of other problems, including fatigue, depression and severe gut issues and it seems impossible to get any answers from doctors, beyond a repeat prescription. Using a Functional Medicine approach has revolutionised many of our customers’ lives, from expecting to take a pill to realising that symptoms have a root cause and a lifestyle change is needed. It takes time and dedication, but the rewards can be lifechanging. Functional Medicine represents a seriously credible solution and we have made it our mission to bring about this much needed solution, so everyone can receive the support they need and enjoy a much shorter path back to health. We believe that in providing you with your test results and relevant information, your results can form the beginning of a journey, enabling you to make positive changes to your daily diet and environment. In doing so we want you to be able to take steps towards eating a diet, which is nutritious and enjoyable and living a life, which is healthier and happy.